August 10, 2009
USB Smallest Mini Keyboard II

USB Smallest Mini Keyboard II

You know, in the tech world smaller is usually better…but not for a f***ing keyboard. The only reason I would consider purchasing something like this would be for a Media Center PC or perhaps a PS3? Any other use and you would just be gimping yourself. Unless you are the size of “Mini Me” forget about creating/editing your office documents…and don’t even think about playing Call of Duty or Counterstrike with this midget-cricket.

*Product Description*

Its so small it fits in the palm of your hand! This space-saving, USB Smallest Mini Keyboard II with its compact key pitch requires less stretching of the fingers. The shorter keystroke uses less effort while keyboarding making it ideal for users who may have restricted arm, hand or finger movement. It operates on a reliable 2.4GHz wireless frequency that has a reach of up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) and has illuminated keys for easy typing in dark rooms. It is also great for small footprint computers or in tight spaces such as on server racks or at crowded LAN stations.

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