Can you hear me now?

July 14, 2009
NovoPhone Retro Cell Phone Handset 2.5mm Jack

NovoPhone Retro Cell Phone Handset 2.5mm Jack

Forget about the fact that cellphones are supposed to be convenient and extremely portable, oh no no no, it’s all about being retro, right? you poor stupid bastard. I would like to see you shove your cellphone and this shit into your pocket for a night out on the town. I bet you wont get laid that night unless you are into grannies.

Just saying…

*Product Description*

Do you long for the days when a phone handset was comfortable, hefty and toughenough to be slammed onto the receiver when being solicited by telemarketers? Ourretro handset brings back those good ol’ days and looks cool too! In a world ofsmall-and-getting-smaller-cellphones, this retro handset converts your tiny phone intoa beefy, comfortable retro phone! 2.5mm jack works withmost phones (Motorola, LG,Samsung); not compatible withRAZR or Nokia phones. Cell phone not included.

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