Beer Holster!

August 7, 2009


Now, if they could just figure out a way to refrigerate your beer while in this holster they would single hand-idly transform the world into a beer-topia.

*Product Description*

Don’t ask us why, but there are some days when you need to have six beers on you, but you can’t carry them in a cooler or bag. Maybe you’re going for a jog, maybe you’re sneaking them into a movie theater, but whatever your reason, we’ve done the research to find out your options. Not only do the Beer Belt and the Hops Holster offer amazing portability and comfort, you can bet you’ll be on the cutting edge of fashion. Or maybe not. Whether it’s for you or for a beer drinking friend, we’ve compared the two so you’ll know which one to buy. All in all, we think the Hops Holster is the better deal, but we leave the final decision up to you.

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