August 12, 2009


Now this is what I call a great f****ing invention. Sure they look like ugly Harry Potter rejects, but they make up for that shit with their awesome lens design.

*Product Description*

TruFocals are the revolutionary new glasses that let you choose the perfect focus for every distance from near to far. Seeing clearly everywhere, from up close to infinity, is finally possible. Wearing TruFocals, with just a simple finger motion on a small slider on the bridge, you can actually go from reading a newspaper to viewing a TV set to scanning a distant vista and your vision is crisp and clear every inch of the way. That’s a major improvement over multifocal glasses that are in focus only at certain fixed distances so your vision between those zones is blurred. And, with TruFocals, the whole lens is in focus so your entire field of view is sharp, not just a portion as with bifocals or progressive glasses.

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