Beer o’clock Somewhere

October 19, 2010
Happy Hour Watch

Happy Hour Watch

Somewhere in Tennessee, Alan Jackson is weeping tears of joy for this item…

*Product Description*

The Ultimate Modern Man Accessory!
Easily transition from the office to the happiest hour of the day! Watch has patented bottle opener buckle that pops tops without leaving your wrist. Sleek black watch face highlights the 5:00 Happy Hour in red type, so you never forget what you’re counting down to.
Features Japanese quartz movement with stainless steel back and adjustable black leather band.


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Keychain Breathalyzer!

August 19, 2009
5 in 1 Alcohol BREATH Tester Breathalyzer Timer Keyring

5 in 1 Alcohol BREATH Tester Breathalyzer Timer Keychain

If you’re the type of person who feels like they need this gadget, you’re most likely a f***ing alcoholic and should not be driving when you go out….ever.

*Product Description*

Better to be safe than sorry after you’ve had a few drinks! This 5 in 1 Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer Tester lets you know how close you are to the legal limit. It indicates if you are over or under 0.02% BAC or over 0.05% BAC. Get one to keep in your car or purse. The other functions include Timer, LED Light, and it comes on a handy Keychain! Please Note: While this product is a useful tool in determining your BAC, it does not take the place of common sense.

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Time is running out.

May 30, 2009
Run Away Alarm Clock

Run Away Alarm Clock

This would most likely become a mangled heap of plastic in no less than a day at my house. Why the hell would you buy something purposefully designed to piss you off every mourning?

Run Away Alarm Clock = EPIC FAIL!

*Product Description*

Is your morning breath that bad? Alarm clock runs away beeping and chattering, even jumping off your nightstand, looking for a place to hide. Want to shut him up? Gotta get up and find him. Clock is able to jump from 3-ft tall surfaces, run on wood and most carpeting, with option to turn wheels off and use as a conventional alarm clock.

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