Have you fingered a mouse lately? [Video]

Finger Laser Mouse

USB Finger Mouse Optical Laptop Notebook PC 1200DPI

Ok, I can understand the idea  and need for this gadget. But the design is a bucket of fail. Luckily this one will only set you back a couple bucks. If  this junky peice of tech mouse looks like fun to you, I’d say go ahead and order one. Just don’t come back here and bitch to us when your realize it sucks dookie.

(Video after the break.)

*Product Description*

100% Brand new high quality USB finger optical mouse. Resolution: 1200 dpi for quick and precise movement USB interface, also works for PS/2 (adapter not included). Plug and play, no installation needed 3 buttons with scroll wheel. Digital encoder technology, operate precisely, prevent faulty movement effectively. No mouse pad required. Sliding on any surface Suitable for both right and left hand user. Textile coating cable (not rubber coating) – enhance free and easy movement. Compatible with MS Windows 98/2000/me/XP/Vista Mac OS 9 and above.

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Add this anywhere

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