Soda Can Robug!

Soda Can Robug

Soda Can Robug

As far as I can tell this DIY robot (unless you are 7) = LAME!

Please check out for DIY projects that don’t bring the suck!

*Product Description*

Create a Clean Energy Critter — As fun to build as it is to play with when complete, this unique robot project uses a recycled soda can you provide and transforms it into a robotic bug toy. A vibration sensation, Robug emits sound and moves across the floor as soon as you switch it on. — Includes a motor casing, toy motor, body plate, body rims, battery casing, four large screws with bolts, small screws, plastic terminal caps, wire legs and wings, detailed instructions with fun facts. Requires two AA batteries, screw driver for cross head screws, and a used soda can you provide. — Recommended ages 8 and up.

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3 Responses to Soda Can Robug!

  1. cheapaccu says:

    No way!

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