Who pong’d in the pool?



WTF is up with this bitch’s back? It looks like she is about to snap in half and turn into some weird f***ing creature from a Stephen King novel.

P.S. I bet the Port-O-Pong is not the only inflatable device in this photo.

*Product Description*

PORTOPONG can be quickly inflated and ready for action in minutes. And just as impressive, PORTOPONG can be deflated and stored conveniently once the party ends. No more will players have to lug around and set up a traditional tabletop/table legs. Deflated, it fits in your car, your dorm, your back pack or sock drawer and this thing takes up less space than the 12 pack and weighs half as much! The ultimate in stealth and convenience, now beer pong is ready to be played whenever you are ready to drink.

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