A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

This thing is f***ing sweet!

If you have the extra dough then, by all means, buy this lamp. You have my complete and absolute support.

Also don’t forget to invite me over for the epic un-crating. Pretty please?

*Product Description*

You can even get your very own Leg Lamp like the “Major Award” the Old Man received in A Christmas Story. We want everyone to have the opportunity to proudly display a major award leg lamp right in the front room window. A Leg Lamp makes a unique gift, a fabulous conversation piece, and provides unending amusement for all. Almost every leg lamp is shipped in a box marked “FRAGILE” and “HIS END UP” just like the movie. Wooden crate shipping complete with excelsior is available for added authenticity. Don’t forget to download and customize a Major Award certificate to present to your gift recipient.

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