USB Vagine!

Real Touch

Real Touch

Gadget submitted by: Jake L.

Jake says: I honestly see no reason to leave my room anymore. This thing even comes preloaded with wank bait!

Real Touch Customer

Satisfied Real Touch Customer

Thanks Jake, this was a hilarious find!

*Product Description*

RealTouch will revolutionize the way you think about sex. In a snap, RealTouch is set up and ready to use. Simply connect RealTouch to your computer using the enclosed USB cable. Then, plug RealTouch into the nearest wall outlet. Next, visit the activation website and type the Device ID into the appropriate text field. Finally, select a movie from the RealTouch Video On Demand Theater. RealTouch does all the rest. Place it in your lap, on your desk, or wherever your imagination takes you. RealTouch is perfectly weighted for hands-free enjoyment, keeping you in complete control. Every RealTouch device is engineered with advanced haptic technology. Haptics provide sensory feedback to your gaming experience. It’s what allows you to feel the impact of a car crash or a bone-jarring knock out punch. Now, this incredible technology adds the sensation of touch to your favorite adult movies, letting you feel what you see on screen.

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