The Royale Flush!

Foot Flush

Foot Flush

If you are not disabled in any way, but have an overwhelming urge to purchase this commode-flushing device, you are the laziest son of a bitch in the world!

*Product Description*

Foot Flush is the first and only hands-free, germ-free toilet flushing device for your bathroom or restroom. It was created to make life simpler and more sanitary – for those suffering from arthritis, disability, pain and anyone concerned about hygiene. Made of strong, durable plastic, Foot Flush lasts for nearly one million flushes – enough for a family of five to use for over 10 years. Foot Flush is easy to set up and does not require any tools for installation. It can be hooked up to any standard toilet in three simple steps. With Foot Flush, potty training becomes a rewarding experience – and serves as a reminder to get kids to flush. Foot Flush easily lifts off the floor for cleaning, and can simply be wiped clean with an antibacterial, disinfecting cloth.

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